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Skyline Communications is the global leading provider of end-to-end vendor- and domain-agnostic digital transformation solutions for the ICT media and broadband industry. The DataMiner software platform allows operators to easily tap into their technology resources and create a fully standardized, secure, and real-time digital twin of their entire operation. Its vast modular function stack offers DevOps teams a high level of versatility: AI-powered behavioral proactive monitoring, asset and inventory management, hyper-automation, process and workflow automation, and advanced capacity- and capability-aware orchestration of highly complex services. DataMiner is currently deployed by leading corporations in the ICT media and broadband industry in over 125 countries worldwide, and it is integrated with 8000 products across 1000 technology vendors.

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Are you ready to leave your mark on the world? Because we are the global leading supplier of end-to-end open monitoring and orchestration software for ICT, media and broadband platforms. Basically, our software platform—called DataMiner—makes sure that you can order your products online, watch the latest episode of your favorite show, or call your friends whenever you need them.
We’re looking for a Technical Account Manager
As a Technical Account Manager, you are responsible for the technical implementation of all projects assigned to you. You are the primary contact for the user on all technical matters, and you function as an intermediary between the user and the different departments within Skyline.
DataMiner is deployed by 1500 companies in over 125 countries worldwide.
Let’s get down to business A glimpse of. your [ future ]
Transparency is a key value here at Skyline. So let's forget about empty job titles or colorful descriptions for a moment and take a look at what you'd actually be doing here.
  • You will acquire and maintain detailed knowledge of all DataMiner features.
  • You will take ownership of the full technical implementation of your projects.
  • You will become your customer’s primary contact for all technical matters related to your projects.
  • You will have to fully understand all aspects related to the functional and technical specifications of your projects.
  • You will ensure sufficient documentation of all technical requests to other Skyline departments to guarantee the efficient implementation of all technical aspects of your project.
  • You will troubleshoot all technical issues that affect project delivery.
  • You will perform quality assurance from a functional perspective on all technical features in your projects.
  • You will create and maintain all required project documentation for acceptance, hand-over, and internal presentation procedures.
  • You will identify potential commercial opportunities and notify the appropriate Sales Manager.


What skills .do you require ?

  • No doubt you know your way around code. But let's dig a bit deeper into the various technical skills you'll need to get started as a Technical Account Manager.
  • Profound knowledge of HFC broadband, IPTV, broadcast and satellite systems
  • Profound knowledge of TCP/IP (firewalls, routers, …), multithreading, web services, and .Net Remoting
  • Experience with HTML, XML, client-server systems and SNMP
  • Familiar with software programming
  • Strong affinity with MS Windows operating systems
  • Knowledge of MySQL and Apache Cassandra is an asset

Dodatne Informacije

Your [ competencies ]

  • You'll be working in a highly technical environment prone to constant change and evolution. On top of that, you'll have to collaborate with a great many (marvelous) people. All very exciting! But it also calls for a special kind of mind- and skillset.
  • You are a fast learner and adapt quickly to new situations.
  • You have a positive can-do attitude.
  • You are communicative and have effective interpersonal and organizational skills.
  • You think logically and always keep the client's needs in mind.
  • You have natural technical insight and are passionate about the benefits of software technology.
  • You can work independently and prioritize tasks.
  • You have good verbal and written communication skills in English.
  • You have a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree in ICT, Software and/or Telecom.

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