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We are trusted global software development company.Our services are used by European and US clients. Resources we offer are IT professionals with strong technology skills lead by managers with top-business knowledge.

Opis posla

Areas of Responsibility

  • Analyze web traffic data to forge new optimization hypothesis
  • Define optimization KPIs and goals
  • Implementation of new tests in Adobe Target
  • Evaluate test results and report insights

Tech Stack

  • Adobe Target (required)
  • Further conversion rate or CX optimization solutions like Google Optimize (optional)



  • Implement Activities (A/B, multivariate, recommendations) in Adobe Target
  • Web Analytics (Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, …)
  • Basic HTML/CSS skills (optional)

Relevant Experience

  • Adobe Certified Masters- Adobe Target Architect or
Adobe Target Business Practitioner certification (optional)
  • Three years of experience in conversion rate or CX optimization

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