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We at Crossvallia are a technical service company for some of the largest networking and hosting companies in the world. Covering support for several data centers and multiple networks across the globe, Crossvallia is constantly on the edge of new technologies, as well as improving customers services such as: Managed Server Hosting, Cloud Storage, Content Delivery Network and Co-Location. Keeping all of our customers and their clients satisfied and having happy developers, researchers, technicians and operators is the reason why our mantra is "Whatever it takes!"​. No matter what the problem might be, we always aim to provide a perfectly suited solution.

We strive to offer the best service to our customers and their clients, and we believe that the only way this can be achieved is by providing our employees with the best tools and work environment. Come join our team and experience what it's like to work in a tech-friendly environment, where you'll be able to improve your skills and contribute to solve first-class problems.

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Technical writers on the Documentation Team blend the skills of a network administrator with those of a superb writer. Because the documentation must show steps on how to install and use the products, and those steps must be accurate, our technical writers are highly competent in the domain of information technology. You will likely need to set up a network, deploy servers, configure IP address routing, update firewalls, adjust DNS records, and create Docker containers. But equally important is good judgment when it comes to organizing ideas, creating a logical flow of concepts, adjusting examples so that they build upon one another, and removing excess from writing.

On the job, you will:

  • Learn new software features as they are released and experience the product from a user’s perspective. Often that includes installing and configuring the software, testing new features, and getting first-hand knowledge of how features work.
  • Translate complex product requirements documents, technical design and implementation specifications into simple and easily understandable documentation that is consistent with the target audience. At times, you may even need to inspect the source code.
  • Communicate with subject matter experts, ask them detailed questions that customers would ask, and boil down complex topics into procedures that are easy to follow, even for advanced use cases.
  • Understand why the features were added and what business value the new functionality provides.
  • Create user guides, online help, process documentation, functional specs and in-product support as needed.
  • Write content in Markdown using an IDE (for example, VS Code) .
  • Use Git for source control and version/revision management.
  • Ensure documentation is properly maintained, categorized, and consistent with related documents.


Since our documentation targets system administrators, network administrators, and DevOps professionals, the ideal candidate will have a thorough understanding of the IT industry, the software development lifecycle, and the tools used therein including a solid understanding of computer networking, Linux, and web server administration.
  • University degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • 3-5 years of experience as a Technical Writer
  • Working knowledge of using the terminal (bash) and computer networking (TCP/IP, HTTP, web servers)
  • Experience writing using the Markdown language
  • Experience with Containers/Virtualization (Docker, VirtualBox, VMware, Vagrant)
  • Strong English communications skills – written/verbal – English proficiency is a must (C2 level)
  • Ability to adapt quickly and to easily flow with changes to priorities and projects
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team in a high-performance organization

Dodatne Informacije

  • AWS, Azure, or other cloud services
  • Kubernetes

We practice Documentation-as-Code, meaning that we:

  • Store documentation files in Git version control. We use GitLab.
  • Use merge requests to collaborate on files and integrate new content into the final version. Knowledge of Git branching, committing, and merging is essential.
  • Enable CI/CD pipelines to test, lint, and publish the files to our online, production website automatically.
  • Write content using modern IDEs, such as Visual Studio Code.
  • Write using the markup language Markdown (we do not use Microsoft Word or other word processing software when creating the final version of documentation).
  • Leverage open-source tools to build our workspaces, including Linux.
  • Use GitLab and kanban boards to track our day-to-day assigned tasks.

What do people like about the role?

  • The ability to roll up your sleeves and work with tech: load balancing, Linux, cloud platforms, web servers, and a variety of other open-source and commercial software.
  • The chance to teach others by breaking down complex, technical topics into clear writing that gives the reader an Aha! moment.

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