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Headquartered in Bosnia & Herzegovina with offices in Sarajevo and Banjaluka, and with the team of 150+ engineers, Klika is the team who is going to embrace your product and give you back your good night sleep.

Coding is what we love to do most, but we do much more than that. Your projects become our projects; your business becomes our business. We help envision it, we create it, we nurture it, we polish it - see it in our dreams, and care about it the same way we care about our company and our team.

We serve industry-leading clients worldwide (small startups and large corporations) with a focus on delivering highly scalable and complex software solutions.

Every client we meet or product we develop is an opportunity to employ our curiosity for the latest technologies, to free our analytical minds and stretch our creative side. It is how we continue to grow and achieve to deliver amazing services.

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Klika is partnering with Germany's most promising Fintech startup, whose vision is to streamline transactions and empower businesses by bridging the gap between B2B and B2C payment methods. W​​​e're seeking a diligent professional with a strong background in data engineering to join our team.

About the position:

This role involves extensive programming and working with real-time data processing (ideal candidate, 3+ years of experience, with solid engineering experience who later learned databases/data topics).

The engineer will be responsible for the following key tasks:
​​​​​​​Infrastructure Management:
  • Utilize AWS services for cloud infrastructure
  • Manage and optimize data warehousing with Redshift and Postgres
  • Implement and maintain messaging systems using Kafka and SQS
  • Store and retrieve data efficiently with S3
  • Orchestrate workflows using Airflow
  • Deploy and manage containerized applications with Kubernetes

  • Develop and maintain code in Go (mainly) and Python

Core Tasks:
  • Prepare real-time and batch data for business teams
  • Monitor data quality in real-time to ensure consistency and integrity
  • Synchronize financial data with ERP systems

Dodatne Informacije


  • Work-life balance is part of Klika’s culture. Klika employees are dedicated professionals who work hard, and hard work deserves rest. In addition to 20 days of paid annual leave, we all take a collective annual leave of 5 days.
  • Klika Service Awards - your knowledge and experience grow with age. KSA is an opportunity to say „Thank you“. In addition, it comes with new responsibilities, benefits (such as additional days off and summer working hours), and of course, the Klika merchandise package.
  • Learning opportunities are a daily occurrence at Klika. We cover many interesting topics through our Open Port Sessions. If 1-on-1 learning suits you, Klika Heroes is the option for you. Our senior colleagues are willing to share knowledge of new technologies and best practices. You will learn tips and useful techniques for general well-being, and mental and physical health through our 360 professional and Soft skills workshops.
  • Klika Leadership Academy - Do you want to advance in the leadership role? Great! Klika Leadership Academy offers you the opportunity to equip yourself with new skills through months of serious training that will make your leadership job easier and make your team members satisfied and productive.
  • Volunteering - Giving back to the community is very important to us. You have the initiative to help an association or contribute to the community in some way - gather a team, and we will support you and reward you with a day off.

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